Tax consultation

The tax consultation ProActa offers consists of financial and payroll accounting, annual financial statements and tax returns, as well as support regarding company audits and consultation for generating solutions and defining targets regarding the mentioned topics. The base of a successful company is financial accounting, through fast and reliable registration of transactions, e.g. offers, orders, order confirmation and billing, as well as warning notices. Our monthly evaluations give you the ability to have a comprehensible and clear overview of your financial accounting at all times.

The motivation and bond between your employees and your company are not least related to a professional payroll accounting. Apart from matters regarding social security and minimum wage, we also offer punctual and precise payroll, helping you to expect the best from your employees. ProActa completes annual financial statements according to legal requirements. Utilizing visual highlights such as charts and graphs the figures are transparently exemplified and supply sustainable information for business decisions. A clear balance sheet analysis with hard facts and figures, including recommendations for the coming years are also part of the statement.